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Eat The Music

Who knows this song

Lord knows this dish

Bittersweet backbeat now

About the things I’ve always failed to say

And pains like these always get me thinking

That I never really know my needs

And always stand too far from the heat


There’s a spice in the blood

And an aroma of diamond

That reminds me I’m not well-fed

And still I fear

The banquet here

And I cannot go near

The kitchen again

But it’s the best place I’ve ever been


God knows how I miss

How it tastes


A man on the scene wants to show me

The recipe for tango

And as he measures the beat

I spill the rhythm on my shoes


Who knows this dish

Lord knows this song

Caught on the beat now

But still savoring the piano

As it slides down my brain

At least I can eat the music now

Though I can’t get near you

Till I can taste my needs

And feel the rhythm of the heat


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Gabriel Two

I am dying, dying, dying

Trying to remain sane

I know I will live through this

With nothing but my name

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