Wierd Myself

Word weird pouring out

Arranged letters page-ward all about

And you say?

Analyze everything emotional logic today

Image imagined dreaming the matter of a name

I can’t help

And you say?

Hummingbird lightning perpetual hovering thoughts

Snare me with a length of rope

Beckon beacon me through the door already

And you say?

If I could find avatar for love

Think I weird you out

Relentless syllables tornado flash out

Heartbeat staccato still I solitary

And I say?

Blue in the sky I feel again fall it out

Frustrated gnawing dog old weary apathy

I’m frightened by the possible proximity of your hand

If only I could speak to the shaker

Gasping I stumble hunting the spiritual plan

Humbled esteem Titanic low by the bumblebee nature

And I say?

I must dive deep into the flood

I say I want a soul mate

Someone else to ride this drift

A woman close to kindred

Water before me must be in it

Something in the art of a smile

I must climb out of my pretenses

Heart expansive pause I’m petrified to silence

Patience essential in the question this

What to say?

Mad about the enormity of wingless wanting to fly

Waiting watching maddening wondering through the distractions

Living empty I feel the hint of spiritual intercourse

A soul to take the dive off the deep end

I have no concept of myself save the trying

If only I could move the mover

Extend express

What to say?

Anything I’m only myself


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