Risk: Four


To take the gift of speech from out her mouth

Reaching deep            yes            for the surprise

Ten sparking fingers raising gooseflesh

Yes      from sighing head to arching toes

To feed the flower in the fountain            yes


To feel the power in a woman’s body

Spreading on the sheets            yes       tasting the flesh

Spreading out            yes            oh yes            yes yes

To where the edges blur            yes            into a moan

To let my tongue write poetry on her breast   yes

To risk my teeth changing the beat

Just a nip            yes            then a kiss

Two eyes loving how her flesh becomes a sunset


The kiss            oh            then another

The smell of her words spreading out            yes

To the walls            soft yes            sweat

Her nails crawling over me        oh


And then the whisper

Of would I            yes            kiss the flower   oh

Down there

Yes I would

I will     yes            kiss            oh the charm around us



I whistle past her breasts

Tongue yes            poetry on her stomach            yes yes

Hmmm and kiss

How I kiss

Her flower


As she grasps            ahh            yes yes            my hand

Love you

Love    yes            yes oh            I love you



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