Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig at Terribleminds issued a flash fiction challenge using a random sentence generator:


What follows is my entry:

“The damned boils above a beloved.” That was all the doctor said.

I looked at her and asked, “’Above a beloved’ what?”

“Tentacle.” She smiled, small and dismissive.

A tentacle. Great, my wife’s doctor had gone off the deep end. My wife’s breathing wasn’t good. I looked at the doctor with my best I’m really trying to understand face, and tried, “But my wife doesn’t have tentacles.”

Her smile became vicious, and her green eyes grew wide. “But I do!”

And then a tentacle dripping with slime sprouted from her forehead and wrapped around my throat. I couldn’t breathe.

“The Great Old Ones will see you now.” She smiled as she said it, but my sight was going black and the fear was trying to help me claw apart her tentacle, so I really don’t know what kind it was.

Then I noticed her sharp teeth getting closer…



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3 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig

  1. I’m rather impressed with your story given the crazy sentence. Nice job.

  2. I always feel like that at the doctors. irrational fear. now I know why.

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